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The <3 of Kuala Lumpur: KL Citywalk

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The <3 of Kuala Lumpur: KL Citywalk

Pairing a rich history of diverse ethnicities with an ideal location in the midst of heavily-frequented trade routes, Malaysia has doubled as both a desired holiday destination and as a prime workspace hub for multinational organizations for quite some time.

KL Citywalk is the nationโ€™s first street arcade to cater to directly address the needs of the surrounding communities in the Golden Triangle with an eco-friendly, culturally relevant public space.

Visitors and both local & foreign residents alike are especially drawn to Kuala Lumpur, and the capital cityโ€™s unique blend of food, shopping, and festive cultural celebrations- but lack a haven where all of this is centrally available within the busy heart of the city centre.

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